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Meet Rob Koblasz

Rob Koblasz

Co-Founder & CEO

Rob Koblasz is a Co-founder and the CEO of Sun & Fun Media.  An actual Florida native, Rob was hooked on radio at a young age. He grew up listening to the local rock station and radio legends like Howard Stern. He called in for radio contests, requested songs, went to station events, and dreamed of one day owning his own radio station so he could make a living listening to his favorite music. The city of Orlando collectively owes him a debt of gratitude for not pursuing that dream and imposing his eclectic music tastes upon society at large.

In December of 1996, Rob’s lifelong love of travel led to an idea to enter the travel industry using barter as a means to secure radio advertising, and Central Florida Sun & Fun was born.  In a short 4 years, Rob and his business partner established barter relationships with over 180 radio stations nationwide.  Rob recognized the advertising value of the commercial time they were receiving, and conspired a plot to sell it.  In February 2001, life came full circle for Rob as he finally joined the radio industry, and Central Florida Sun & Fun transitioned into a network radio company known as Sun & Fun Media.  Since then, under Rob’s affiliate sales leadership, Sun & Fun Media has grown into an impressive network of over 1100 radio stations nationwide generating over 100M gross weekly impressions.


Rob has been married to his wife for over 20 years, and together they have raised 3 daughters.  In his spare time Rob enjoys traveling, fishing, and following Florida State University football.

B.S. – Florida State University.

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